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Most Common Deduction Questions

Earned Income Credit

Earned Income Credit This is a refundable tax credit for low to moderate income working individuals and couples with children. Want to know if you … "Earned Income Credit"

Child Tax Credit

This is a $2000 tax credit per qualifying child. If you have a child 17 and under, call us to see if you qualify!

20% Qualified Business Income Deduction

This new tax law gives a 20% deduction on qualified business income. Whether you are a sole proprietor, LLC, partnership, or S Corporation, make sure … "20% Qualified Business Income Deduction"

You May Qualify for an Additional Deduction If:

  •  You had any medical or dental expenses ?
  •  Did you work out of home ?
  •  Are you self employed ?
  •  Were you looking for work this year ?
  •  Did you have any gambling losses ?
  •  Are you a teacher ?
  •  Do you have any student loans ?
  •  Did you move this year ?
  •  Do you have kids in daycare, summer camp, or with a babysitter ?
  •  Did you or your dependents have any college tuition ?
  •  Do you drive for work ?
  •  Do you any children or dependents ?
  •  Do you have any earned income or employed ?
  •  Do you have a business interest in any sole
    proprietorship, LLC’s, S Corps, or Partnerships ?
  •  Do you pay any state or local taxes ?


No Personal Exemptions
Personal exemptions have been disallowed for 2018. Make sure you do not claim a deduction that is not allowed anymore. Not sure which you can? Let EasyTax Laredo file your taxes for a perfect return!
Standard Deduduction Increases
The IRS has increased many standard deductions significantly. At EasyTax we make sure you get classified correctly to maximize your deduction for your tax return!
20% Qualified Income Deduction
This brand new deduction is for business owners. Call us to make sure you qualify for this new tax deduction!
State & Local Tax Deduction Cap
A new cap on property taxes has been implemented for deductions. Make sure you do not claim more than the limit you qualify for. Need help, Easytax Laredo is here for you!
No More Unreimbursed Employee Expense Deductions
All unreimbursed employee expenses have been disallowed in 2018. Some new items, but not limited to, that no longer are allowed for employees are uniforms, mileage, etc. This one is a huge change to the new tax code. Easytax Laredo can help you sort through your allowed expenses.
No More Misc Itemizecd Deductions
Many miscellaneous Itemized deductions have been disallowed or modified in 2018. Want to know which ones you can still claim, we can help, contact us today!

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